About Us
I offer online Photo Retouching Services to Photographers, Make-up Artists and both Female and Male Models. Even the best photos need a little touch up for a perfect look and presentation. Now anyone can have professional photos like Celebrities and Models.
Services Include
  • Skin and makeup enhancements (Skin smoothening, airbrushed look, colour correction)
  • Skin Cleanup (retouch blemishes, scars, acne, pimples and freckles)
  • Remove unwanted tattoos, body hair and other imperfections.
  • Eyes (Eyelash Extension, change colour, bag/darkness removal, eye whitening)
  • Lips (colour) and teeth whitening
  • Body Reshaping (thigh slimming, arms, stomach, etc)
  • Colour correcting: Body or background colour enhancement.
  • Lighten overly dark photos, enhancing exposure and saturation of the image
  • Repair damaged areas in photos such as scratches, spots stains or missing / torn areas
  • Unwanted objects removed from image
  • Cropping and resizing of image
  • Adding frames and borders to your photos
  • Addition of text on your images or any two images together
Please Note
  • People Need to understand that Photoshop cannot make a small image larger and have good quality and also cannot always save a picture completely. If any Photoshop artist/Retoucher myself included is given a low quality picture, it is not going to turn out amazing. The better quality the picture is when it is sent to me the more professional the image is going to come out. So please when sending images to have retouched send large high quality unedited original Images for the best end results.
  • I expect you to credit me wherever you post them & I'll do the same for you.
  • Depending on the number of images, please don't expect images back within ONE day, if you would like good quality pictures be patient, I will not take weeks or a month, but depending on how busy I am or how many pictures you require it could take up to a week, but I guarantee you will be happy with the end results.